Live streaming an event has become an essential way to celebrate important events and milestones in life while including those who aren’t able to be there in person. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, live streaming is an almost essential solution to communicate and share information in a socially distanced environment where gatherings are restricted.

“Live Streaming” was widely unknown just a few months ago, but by now you likely have experienced live streaming in some way. Whether watching politicians campaign, journalists and pseudo-journalists reporting on the front lines of demonstrations, corporate events and meetings and even high school proms, graduations, funerals… just imagine any type of gathering that isn’t possible right now streamed live to your audience.

Whether for business or personal, live streaming can bring your audience together from every corner of the globe. 

Here are 7 important things to remember when you are considering the live streaming of your event:

Internet – You must have a good Internet Connection – WiFi isn’t always reliable, it is best to have a hard wired service. Test your upload speed to ensure you have consistent upload bandwidth (typically 10mbs minimum to be safe) or your live stream may have issues.

Lighting & Camera – Having professional lighting and cameras are strongly recommended and elevate the quality of your broadcast.

Audio – Audio is critical. Either a top quality microphone or lavalier mic that can be clipped to clothing ensures your audience will be able to hear and enjoy the presentation while greatly reducing or even eliminating the surrounding room noise.

Test – Doing complete test runs beforehand is essential. Test lighting, camera, audio, along with any presentation materials in a quick run through can allow time for troubleshooting, when necessary. ALWAYS START YOUR STREAM 30 MINUTES PRIOR. This will allow for any possible issue that might arise. Technology can be finicky sometimes.

Interact – Have someone watching that can monitor and also moderate the audience if there will be commentary and/or questions. 

Present – Make sure the presentation is clear and concise. If there are visuals, use larger fonts and limit text so it’s easy to read. Look directly into the camera, not the monitor.

Run of Show – Be organized with your event production. Having a “run of show” which outlines who is speaking and for how long, will help you with timing and keep your audience engaged.

Kaminsky Productions has proudly produced live streamed events for:

  • Medical Conferences and Continuing Medical Education for USCAP
  • Palm Valley School Graduation
  • Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce’s State of the City
  • Piano Recitals
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • And more…

In the business of photography for almost 30 years, Kaminsky Productions delivers that big-market look you want and need. We show and tell your story with award-winning production values. Our expert aerial pilots and FAA-certified drone services bring new perspectives to your projects. We imagine graphics and web solutions to distinguish your business… all with the attention to detail and that creative eye you want and need from your creative partners.


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