There is a universal truth in this industry: Photography is expensive—but not as expensive as not hiring a professional.

When a photographer charges for a one-hour session, they are not actually charging you for one hour. At minimum, professional photographers spend at least three times that for the complete project. The time commitment for planning the shoot, traveling, setting up the equipment, the shoot itself and time spent tearing down the gear and traveling back all adds to the total time needed to complete the assignment. There is also considerable time after the shoot for choosing and editing the best images, loading the images online, and ordering and delivering prints.  There is so much more than the one hour you are actually with the photographer. These are all time consuming and with the photographer handling, you would have to plan and execute your own shoot.

Beside the creative eye and talent of your photographer, it is important that the photographer uses the very best tools. Photography equipment is expensive. Today’s professional cameras run thousands of dollars and excludes the multiple lenses and lighting gear that are needed.  These items are equally important aspects of the photographer’s tool kit.

To edit the photos properly, additional, special equipment is required – including a powerful computer with software, a high-end, color correct display to show an image exactly as it output,  and external hard drives to back up photos. Editing photos takes skill and an eye for detail, along with proficiency in the editing software platforms. The editing of the photos is often just as or more important as the actual photography itself.

When you hire a photographer, you hire an artist. For the highest qualified professionals, who have spent years honing their craft and have invested heavily in learning how to make beautiful images. A professional product photographer will create for you, high-end images that alone will often increase your sales. For consumers shopping online for things they can’t physically touch, professional photographs go a long way. When you don’t hire a professional, you get images that appear less polished and more amateur. The difference in quality between the two is tangible.

Remember, you are not paying the photographer for the 3 hours on set, you are paying for the 30 years of knowledge and expertise.

For the highest quality photography and videography, and video production, contact Kaminsky Productions or visit our website to find out more about the services we offer and get a look at some of our work.


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